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Quick Start Tutorial
Quick Start Tutorial

Quick Start Tutorial

Please make sure you've already installed the Softspace Companion App on your phone and Softspace onto your virtual reality device.

We've put a lot of thought into making Softspace's user interface as simple as possible, but no simpler. Some interactions may be different from what you've seen in other virtual reality apps. This is because Softspace's UI prioritizes speed and precision in the most common tasks of a collaborative creative work session.

The user interface will continue evolve and improve as we develop new features and incorporate user feedback. Please don't hesitate to send us your suggestions.

In this tutorial, you'll learn about:

Pairing Your Headset

The first time you run Softspace, you'll be asked to generate a secure, six-digit pairing code on the Companion App and enter it in your virtual reality headset. This pairs your headset to your Softspace account until you decide to unpair it.

To generate a pairing code, go to the Account page in the Companion App, and click on the + sign next to Devices. Your code will be generated and displayed.

Open up Softspace in your headset. You will see a number pad. Input the pairing code from the Companion app by using a controller to visually "touch" the keys and pressing the controller trigger button. Your controller can be at a distance from the keypad.

Moving Yourself Around

The movement system in Softspace allows you to move around your workspace quickly, while preserving precise positioning control.

To move, hold down the grip button (on the handle of the controller) with one hand, and "pull" yourself through space. You can think of this as "scrolling" through three-dimensional space. Let go of the grip while your hand is still in motion to "coast". This way you can cover lots of ground, quickly.

If you grip both controllers at the same time, you can rotate and scale yourself. This is useful for reorienting, or zooming in to get a closer look at content.

If you scale the world down far enough, you will "pop" to a higher scale level, with the workspace scaled down in front of you. In this mode, different interactions are available. Zoom the world up again to "pop" back to 1:1 scale.

Making Things

At your waist level there is a row of Gadgets. Think of this as your menu system.

Bring your controller close to any of the Gadgets, and it will automatically switch from interacting with faraway items, to interacting with nearby items by direct touch.

If you touch the Create New Items gadget and press the trigger button, several new Gadgets will appear. These let you create items in the workspace.

Grab one of these Gadgets and pull it out in front of you to make a new item.

Moving Things Around

The object interaction system in Softspace is a little different that in other virtual reality apps. It works similarly to a "laser pointer" system, letting you interact with things that are far away. However, it draws a line from your eye, to your hand, to the item you're touching. This system has been shown to be up to 3x more precise than a standard laser pointer targeting system.

To grab an item, raise your controller and "touch" it by covering it with the red cursor that follows your controller. Hold down the trigger button, and you can move and rotate the item by moving and rotating your hand.

You can grab an item with two controllers to scale it.

If you move your hand closer or farther from your body while grabbing an item, the item's distance from you is multiplied. This lets you place items on far walls, or bring them close from across the room, with a single motion of you hand.

Deleting Things

While grabbing an item, a trash can will appear at your waist instead of the usual Gadgets. Bring the red cursor into the trash can while holding the item, then let go, to delete that item.

Dropbox Integration

At the moment, the main way to bring content into a workspace is through the Dropbox integration. During your account setup, you will be asked to link your Dropbox account. You can also do this at any time by going into the Account page of the Softspace Companion App, then pressing the plus sign next to Integrations > Dropbox. Please restart Softspace on your headset after linking Dropbox to allow the newly linked account to load.

Click on the Dropbox Gadget at your waist to open the Dropbox file browser. (Please note that due to performance limitations, we're currently only showing 100 files or subfolders per folder. This limit will be removed in the future.) Click on folders to open them, and drag content files into your workspace to copy them in.

Your Dropbox browser is private to you, but files you copy into the workspace become visible and interactable to others.

This tutorial is a work-in-progress. More sections, and eventually an interactive tutorial in-headset, to come!